Innenausbau Gastronomie

A unique gastronomic dream has been created, and different materials made from wood, metal, plastic, stone, glass, fabric and upholstery have amalgamated into a new vision. We collaborate with you to bring ideas to life, and supply you with excellent interior fittings and fantastic furniture such as counters, seats, tables, wall coverings, ceiling structures, room dividers and equipment elements. Be it a restaurant, café, bar, bistro or cafeteria, we will find a suitable solution for all of your furnishings.

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Versatile activity and entertainment options in a safe environment are the requirements for all of our indoor and outdoor play equipment. The children run, skip and clamber along winding obstacle courses, and everyone likes climbing, of course. The highlight is hurtling down the enclosed slide, and off they go back to the start. In the meantime the parents can carry on with what they are doing in peace or just relax, with the peace of mind that no harm is going to come to their little ones.

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Meeting places where customers and providers get together thrive on their appealing interior layout. Similarly to the catering industry, the furnishings are an expression of your philosophy. The customer should receive a pleasant welcome and feel good. Our shop fitting service will develop and manufacture attractive furniture for any aspect of the counter with you.

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Not- und Evakuierungsrutschen

Fire safety in public buildings has become significantly more important in recent times. There is often a lack of suitable escape routes. Our enclosed tube slides are a suitable alternative to expensive and high-risk fire stairs. We will develop an integrated slide that is suitable for you and adapted to the structural situation. The system also has a pleasant side effect: an evacuation exercise with a tunnel slide is great fun for both young and old.

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